Truth Matters

We thought it was a globe just like you

And we learned, it is all a bunch of lies...

How much money do you think they spend to lie to us about it? NASA gets 74.5 million dollars a day to keep the lies going... Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? Or are you retarded? Yeah, it hurts, but what hurts more is not getting up and dusting off to do something about it. This website is here in a effort to do something about it. Maybe you think it's stupid. Do you see how obvious it is they are lying to us about everything? Because they want to control us. What they want for us is far worse than death. What kind of stuff should we expect from them if that is the case? Did you notice how when you say no to their junk and you don't even think anything about the earth and they automatically start attacking you calling you a flat earther? Maybe you need to pay attention more, and that's why this website is here. is another way to get to it!

What is it

How does it work?

This website has a collection of channels from YouTube(and in the near future potentially other video platforms, eg. odysee) that upload videos and do live streams talking about flat earth and even other conspiracy topics, while the main focus is to promote flat earth channels the channels can cover any topics they want.

Go to any video on youtube and click share, to share the video...You'll see a modal window show up with options how to share, you can select iFrame and get a code to paste on any website to share the video with everyone...That's all this website does is shares the video and chat with the iFrame to embed it on the website. It is not stealing the video, in fact you will not lose a single view because it's using the youtube player and everything is handled by youtube on their side, it's just sharing the video from a central place where there can be a collection of selected channels to watch.

If you love the truth then you will want to share it with everyone, everywhere you go...Therefore, if you are reading this and that happens to be you then I humbly as a servant ask you to please share this website with everyone...

The purpose of this project is to help everyone to stay up to date with what's up and not miss out on their favorite shows. To help these channels on the list get more views because they are sharing important information everyone needs to know about and consider...

This website allows those who are searching for answers on the topic of flat earth to find answers by way of putting all the great publishers in one place to weed out the propaganda. In an effort to help everyone find the truth easier, for the love of the truth, in a world of lies.

Please support your favorite channels and share their live streams and videos with everyone on all of your social accounts. Please share the website everywhere you go with everyone you meet. That ought to put a huge dent in their plans. Don't worry about what people think, or do you like the idea of being one of the undead zombies in the near future?

SHARE SHARE SHARE :) I love you!

Why make it

Why does this website exist?

The website or or or exists so to share all the videos and livestreams with everyone!!!

I am also trying to share the videos with everyone everywhere I go and guess what. Even people in the truth community tell me to stop sharing with them, tell me to stop spamming, and then they don't even check it out, freakin' losers... as if I sent them a viagra link or a dating site link or something bad...How many years will they keep on ignoring? I hope reading this humbles you, and makes you want to share even more...

They created the tools so that we would censor ourselves, they can't do it to us without us doing it to ourselves...So please relax don't use their tools to those extremes, maybe even reset the defaults to make it so everyone can say anything they want, or you can give me a wrench so I can share the video links with everyone at least...


All NASA footage ever made, captured and released is CGI(computer generated images) fakery or paintings and straight up garbage from the psychopaths who are dumbing everyone down in order to take over the world.

You have to be under a deep dark spell to not see it. I know this because I was before some years ago. I used to not see.

Trump said himself that they couldn't do it without space. What he meant was they couldn't trick everyone to build the technology of enslavement without fake space travel. Then he said people are under a horrible dark spell. These psychopaths put truth in plain sight and talk to each other in the open while most are oblivious to what they're really talking about.