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If you have money, please support the FETVGUIDE with a donation. Michel Chossudosky said, "The greatest enemy of the US government is the truth." and Ronald Reagan told us, "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government, and I'm here to help". How would you rate the services we received from the mind controllers? They print the money, no silver, no gold. It will only get worse. So far as they're concerned it doesn't even belong to you. Holding on to it is more wasteful than it is to support the resistance of evildoers and opposing agents against humanity. There's more to life than having possessions. You will own nothing and be happy. You think they're joking? If not, then start acting like it. If I can't survive then neither can humanity. Is my time and effort not worth anything? Please undo the mind control, watch videos, educate yourself. Sharing is caring! Share the website and please donate now. You'll know something isn't right when truthers say they love truth and aren't sharing.

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We will make that content available for your viewing pleasure very soon. Please hang tight. If you are diving deep don't forget to checkout peertube.vip

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Things Changed

Thanks to all the "truthers" for rejecting and refusing to hear the truth. The video archive website channels-list.com / troo.tube / troo.video / trootube.net is no longer available. We lost many great videos as a result of this arrogance and ignorance and straight refusal of these "truthers" to seek the truth. They like to make excuses for why they can't support or share or look into it. Collectively the stupidity has a huge negative impact on the future of humanity as a whole. Flat Earth TV Guide is a last attempt at working things out to assist everyone in their truth seeking journey.