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Globe Earth is a false religion and cult belief of the Earth's shape as a sphere or ball circling around the sun in a universe. Many satanists, psychopaths and religious nutjobs subscribed to a globe-Earth cosmogony. The idea of a spherical Earth lie appeared in ancient Greek philosophy with Pythagoras and then many other frauds came along to polish this deception over the years. CLICK TO READ MORE...

Earth is flat, you have been fooled! (v2)

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Version 2 of my flat earth documentary. I had to remove a clip because youtube decided to block it worldwide, I also improved a few parts of the video. In this documentary I look at alot of the so-called 'proofs' for the globe earth model. From Eratosthenes to the different images that space agencies gave us and all the things that are wrong with them. The leaked nasa footage that shows how they made some blue marble pictures. This video also explains alot of things about the Antarctic treaty, that prevents us to explore Antarctica!

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