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Globe Earth is a false religion and cult belief of the Earth's shape as a sphere or ball circling around the sun in a universe. Many satanists, psychopaths and religious nutjobs subscribed to a globe-Earth cosmogony. The idea of a spherical Earth lie appeared in ancient Greek philosophy with Pythagoras and then many other frauds came along to polish this deception over the years. CLICK TO READ MORE...

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I join Bev's Discord server @ Next Level [ ] to discuss various topics on our research and expose a few fraudulent scumbags in the community that you should watch out for and avoid, spacebusters, globebusters, ditrh, ewaranon/ewar/aewar/elijah castle/tehuti the alchemist/ryan zehm ... and there is probably more. These people create fake channels with fake sub counts, views and comments to defraud the community, they have plagiarised many channels content to gatekeep, misrepresent and monetise which we exposed here Read the comments i left over the past year as this is still ongoing. These people are thieves, scammers and disinfo agents here to misinform and take your cash, be warned, they are just stealing everyone elses research and avenues of discovery and claiming it as their own, pop up copy/paste/redress scammers sponsored by Globebusters to get some content on his scripted channel, this is why you all seen their expansion onto many platforms and saying people should pay for truth. In Bobs own words - "Who cares if someone else uses your content - if you dont like it you should get a life". Running off with many channels content without crediting them is gatekeeping, plagiarism (theft) and disinformation by attaching it to debunked maps and models, defaming the original content creators in the process, they tried to steal and monetise other peoples discoveries and conclusions and got caught. Very dishonest and disingenuous people the community must be made aware of to protect the unwary.