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Globe Earth is a false religion and cult belief of the Earth's shape as a sphere or ball circling around the sun in a universe. Many satanists, psychopaths and religious nutjobs subscribed to a globe-Earth cosmogony. The idea of a spherical Earth lie appeared in ancient Greek philosophy with Pythagoras and then many other frauds came along to polish this deception over the years. CLICK TO READ MORE...

Mark Attwood: The Matrix of Rainbow Technology with FPV Angel + One Conscience.

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This is an interview we did with Mark Attwood who is very interested in our research and wishes to delve deeper so we gave Mark a brief overview of various parts of our research as there is much to absorb. We will be holding another interview with Mark for a questions and answers episode. You can find Marks channel here ... and here ... Recommended videos for getting your head around our research here ... Interview with Robin ... 144,000 video (the deep end) ... Operation Rainbow Warrior Information and decode of Glastonbury Tor ... Plus any videos after these as they all interconnect. Bon voyage and welcome home. :)