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Globe Earth is a false religion and cult belief of the Earth's shape as a sphere or ball circling around the sun in a universe. Many satanists, psychopaths and religious nutjobs subscribed to a globe-Earth cosmogony. The idea of a spherical Earth lie appeared in ancient Greek philosophy with Pythagoras and then many other frauds came along to polish this deception over the years. CLICK TO READ MORE...

The Final Card

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With the alien and UFO deception upon us, it's important that those you care about see what we are really up against and how deceived we've been about this topic. The disclosure should be here June 1st and although we don't know what they are going to release, we do know that it is just a part of the plan we were warned about. My brother Michael has worked hard compiling all of the information in this video, so you need to checkout the original on his channel and subscribe while you can find it as he is shadow banned worse than we are. Grace and Truth Fellowship Channel Also, here is his video that will show you the more sinister side of who is behind the lies: Sources of channels used in this video. Rob Skiba (Alien and demon connections) David Weiss DITRH Channel (Interview w/ 100 year old Ruth) Flat Earth Sun and Moon App channel GET THE FE SUN & MOON APP HERE: Bart Sibrel (Buzz aldrin interview) ThePottersClay (Bubbles in space) Taboo Conspiracy (Flat water experiments) FECORE (Laser Experiment) Globebusters NASA artists creating planets Flat Earth Dude (Satellite transit moon footage) If you feel led to support our work you can do so here: or become a patron at Private tour of the office for our supporters or those interested in supporting us: We thank you all for your help and the much needed prayers, love and wisdom that you continually share! Much love to you from the Father and the brothers! Impact Prelude by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist:

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