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Globe Earth is a false religion and cult belief of the Earth's shape as a sphere or ball circling around the sun in a universe. Many satanists, psychopaths and religious nutjobs subscribed to a globe-Earth cosmogony. The idea of a spherical Earth lie appeared in ancient Greek philosophy with Pythagoras and then many other frauds came along to polish this deception over the years. CLICK TO READ MORE...

LEVELED - 200 Proofs Earth is not a spinning ball - Extended - Updated - 2021

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This is my re-edit and interpretation of my 2019 edit of one of the most important video books of all time by Eric Dubay. I've added over 60 minutes of new footage including some amazing video clips from Hibbeler Productions "LEVEL". Extra narration and music. New information. Now Updated with 4K super HD visuals when possible to help get this most important message out in a clear, concise and visually pleasing 2021 presentation. I really hope I've done the original some justice again. Please let me know what you think below. If you liked this video Please share with others to help assist those seeking truth in these times of universal deceit. Thank you. This is an unofficial re- edit of Eric's book! Eric Dubay May or may not agree with the added information presented, my interpretation or the visuals and music presented in this video. No affiliation to Eric Dubay is intended or implied. @FlatEarthEric @twistereddie @Truthavision @HibbelerProductions @neohumaneve @zeTETicTruthTube tellmewhatyoulove @DimentionalDan @billyzig @AstroNotII @wearechangeorlando7072 Main videos used. 2019 edit 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball (HD Remastered) LEVEL (2021) PG VERSION (SD) Hibbeler Productions Hibbeler Productions LEVEL - To learn much more about our flat, motionless Earth, please visit: Please remember to comment, rate and share this video with others. SPECIAL THANKS Hibbeler Productions zeTETic Truth Tube tellmewhatyoulove neo HUMAN eve ---- MUSIC ODD Reality The XX Intro long version Now We Are Free - Hans Zimmer HEART OF COURAGE-28585 - THOMAS BERGERSEN Burial - Untrue intro christmas eve The Way - Zack Hemsey The Kick - XV Sia - Diamonds (Acoustic) The Time Is Now - Warren Barfield The Island Awaits You (Chill out Mix) Bluesolar Honor Him Yvonne S. Moriarty [Orchestrator] Sky Trees - Solar Fields Crazy - Patsy Cline (NASA cover) Hans Zimmer - Time (Pen Perry Remix) A Way of life 432 Hz - Hans Zimmer Hans Zimmer - Interstellar Theme ---- ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣I am HEAVILY CENSORED! Go to my other video platforms Bitchute: ODYSEE: YouTube (New): HOAX REALITY on ODYSEE Facebook: PayPal:

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